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Dear friends,

Welcome! to Trueblueartsupply.com a site that has been designed specifically to help you tap, explore and develop your latent and inherent creative skills and bring them to the fore easily and most effectively. If you think art isn’t your forte then you really need to reconsider; this site will definitely change your mindset!

What you’ll discover is that we all have latent creative abilities within us waiting to surface. This ability is rarely allowed to surface, be explored or nurtured due to lack of self-belief in the ability to do so. If you’re looking at this site than it’s not by chance.

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Your latent creativity is calling out to you to be expressed! Art does not require any mandatory age, prerequisite skills or qualifications to begin. Yes the three things that’ll be required of you are perseverance, patience and persistence – and once you’re in the position to devote time and effort you’re well on your way, because nothing can stop you from experiencing sheer delight from creating your first masterpiece. So now you can relax and forfeit all your past inhibitions and take the first step to unleashing your creative talent!

For example recent scientific research and studies show that art has immense benefits, having a direct positive effect on children and grown ups alike:

  • It encourages self-discipline
  • Enhances a positive outlook and self-worth (self-image)
  • It promotes mind and body coordination
  • It’s incredibly therapeutic, it can help relax the body and calms the mind (mind body complex)
  • It positively develops the power of the mind (i.e. imagination, focusing and concentration)
  • It can cultivate positive learning

Art is probably one of the most exciting and enjoyable activities. It can be challenging but the rewards are immense, hence the reason for the birth of Trueblueartsupply.com which has been brought to you to help you to learn to dive within and allow the hidden emotions and feelings to find expression through your fingers onto the canvas or paper or whatever medium you choose to use. Of course, you’ll be provided with encouragement, guidance and plenty of enthusiasm!

The truth is that from early age we’ve all dabbled at art in some way or the other knowingly or unknowingly expressing our deep seated creative feelings, either be it through scribbling all over the wall, drawing on whatever we can lay our eyes and hands on, painting, sketching and general doodling. This experimenting or the sheer desire to unleash our deep-seated expressive creativity explains that as human beings (by nature) we’re creative and using the faculty or the power of our imagination we can attain supreme heights.

I’ve therefore devoted a section on Drawing and painting tips for kids, which I hope will be well received, by teachers, caregivers, parents, students and children respectively. It’s an area that has a plethora of information – something I’m sure you don’t want to miss out for sure!

What you’ll find on this site is a vast amount of information, hints, tips and techniques that can be applied easily to bring out the artist in you and to troubleshoot any problems that you may encounter easily and effectively. On top of this, you’ll also find access to articles and heaps of free printable art material and information on creativity. You’ll also learn how to use your very own computer to create awesome artwork.

Trueblueartsupply.com is therefore an invaluable source for artists at all level. Whatever your chosen area you’ll find expert guidance on how to improve your technique. In the process as you steadily progress and sharpen your artistic skills you’ll also begin to gain sufficient confidence to tackle more difficult subjects and that’s a guarantee.

Trueblueartsupply.com is a user-friendly site designed not only to fulfill the need for ALL to learn the ‘science’ of art easily but at the same time it’ll enable you to experience joy and happiness. After all, art is an excellent therapeutic exercise to unwind from the daily stresses of life much less an excellent hobby, which can easily become a profession!

Just like human character, which evolves over time, so it’s with art. Art is progressive and if nurtured correctly can be developed to be a reflection of your growth and maturity. In another words, there’s always room for improvement and new things to be learned. And it’s never too late to begin.

Finally, I sincerely hope that you enjoy this site as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it. I hope that you find fulfillment and pleasure as you develop your creative and artistic abilities and find open expression and the joy that comes with it. Let color into your life and see your life change for the better!

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