5 Steps: Easy Drawings for Girls and Boys

5 Steps: Easy Drawings for Girls and Boys

Drawing is an interesting part of humanity, and that is why we have created this easy drawings for girls and boys who are beginners. Yes, there are many similar easy drawings or how to draw tutorials, both free and paid online, but we decided to offer our readers the very basic easy to draw tutorial for beginners.

What do you need to do for easy drawings for girls and boys? To start drawing as a girl or boy beginner, you need to focus first have a reference image, plan your drawing, focus on shapes, use tracing paper, and finally add shadows. By applying these mentioned steps, you’ll improve your drawing immensely.

Below we will explain the best five steps to start drawing as a beginner, do note that these steps aren’t arranged chronologically because not everyone is the same; you can choose either set and start where you find comfortable, though having a reference photo must be one of your starting points:

Step By Step Tips on Easy Drawings for Girls and Boys

easy drawings for girls

Here is the best best steps for easy drawings for girls and boys with no prior knowledge.

First Step: Use Reference Photos

easy drawings for girls

Use reference pictures, and yes, you can totally do that, don’t worry, even the most professional artists do that. Just like we mentioned in our how to draw a dog full guide, you can use either Google to find reference pictures or use social media networks like Instagram and Facebook.

For example, art has lots of stock images made mainly to be used as a reference. Your reference picture is only there to give you some guidelines on how particular objects look like, such as different parts of the body, expressions, different animals, and other things that you don’t look at and draw multiple times a day.

Also, it’s a great way to develop your easy drawings style once you get the hang of it. If you want to draw something in black and white but feel too overwhelmed with the colors, you can simply change the settings to black and white on your phone or computer or simply print it out as a black and white version.

If you have trouble getting the proportions right, what you could do is you can create an identity, a grid on your paper, and your reference picture. You don’t have to make the squares super small. It depends on how detailed your reference picture is and how big it is. Now you can focus on one square at a time without feeling lost in the sea of white paper.

Second Step: Plan your Drawing

easy drawings for girls

The second tip is to prepare and plan out your drawing. So to help you decide what might look best. As a big painting or drawing, you can start by sketching out small thumbnails; this way, you can loosely sketch out small versions of your final piece and decide what composition you like best.

This won’t only help you to avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed and the fear of a blank page. Still, it will also help you create a fantastic concept for your drawing that you’re happy with at the end, and at the same time, you can test out the different compositions using the rule of thirds.

In the beginning, I mentioned to really figure out the best way you can convey your message in your painting as an easy drawings for girls tip. Now, if you have a great concept and composition for your next artwork but you’re not quite sure how certain things look like, to get the proportions right, the fourth tip will help you.

Third Step: Focus on the Shapes

easy drawings for girls

The third tip is to focus on basic shapes. Usually, when we start drawing, we tend to focus on the outlines and the details rather than on the general shapes. What happens is that we get lost in drawing the perfect outlines and details of an object while still struggling to capture the subject accurately. 

Instead, focus on the general shapes first that make up the overall object you want to draw, merely breaking it into shapes that are easy to draw and sketch them out loosely instead of just drawing the object build.

Having those shapes in place will help us draw the proper lines more efficiently and more accurately, but it will also help us loosen up and get faster with sketching in general.

Fourth Step: Use A Tracing Paper

easy drawings for girls

The fourth tip is using a tracing paper. This is vital for easy drawings for girls and boys. You can use it for either the grid technique that I talked about earlier for studying the shapes of subjects or developing your style, for example, if you want to draw something, but you don’t always want to draw the grid all the time.

You can draw one grid under the tracing paper and place it above your reference picture. You can also use the tracing paper to study different shapes by tracing them. This will not only help you learn about the shapes and how particular objects are shaped. But it will also help you get your hand familiar with the specific movements that you need to draw a specific object.

The transparent paper’s bonus is that you can use it to develop your style; this way, you’re not focusing on what you’re drawing but on how you are drawing it. You can draw using different types of lines; you can change the shapes slightly or even the proportions.

You can try different ways to draw something, and if you have a general easy drawings idea afterward, you can use a regular piece of paper and practice.

Fifth Step: Add Shadows

easy drawings for girls

From here, you can add shadows and other details. If you’re still stuck in the mindset of drawing everything super slowly and carefully, set yourself a timer for ten, five, and two minutes so you can learn to see the basic shapes without getting lost in the details. This is a perfect easy drawings for girls and boys secret tip, apply it and see it’s wonders.

How you can improve your art is by creating a composition that tells a story through your art. If you place objects randomly onto your paper, you can tell what is essential or not and where you need to look at first.

However, if that’s what you are going for you, can do that, of course, but if you want to try out something new and create an exciting composition, try to incorporate the rules of thirds into your concept from time to time instead.

To create the grid, start by drawing two equally spaced outlines horizontally and vertically. This way, you split the drawing into thirds and all the points that cross each other. Sweet spots where you can place the points of interest of your composition you can see as a guideline rather than a rule though the rule of thirds will help you compose your artwork to look balanced and exciting.

Materials Needed For Newbie Art Drawing

As a newbie in drawing or painting, you’d likely be lost in what you need for drawing, and below are the basics;

  • A Sketchbook
  • Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Sharpener
  • A Sketchbook: You can get any size you wish, but you’ll need a sketchbook.

Final Words

Drawing is an ability every human possesses. You might not have an interest in it, but you too can draw. We have mentioned the necessary easy drawings for girls and boys steps you can follow and get your drawing career kick-started. The materials that we have mentioned for quickly drawing are excellent, especially if you’re a newbie. Just follow our outlined guidelines, and you’re good to go with easy drawings. Happy drawing!!!

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